Welcome to the blog of Satisfied Air Inc. We are based in Perris, CA and offer a number of services to the surrounding communities. Besides our air conditioning maintenance and repair services, we offer sales and installation, and air purifying services. Despite offering sales and installation, we really focus on repair and maintenance because we know what a huge investment an HVAC system is for you. We want to help make your current HVAC last as long as possible and to run as efficiently as possible for the longest time.


  • Every HVAC unit needs maintenance and occasionally repair.
  • We can come out to make sure that all preventative maintenance steps have been done.
  • We will check the filter though the homeowner should be doing this monthly.
  • We can check all parts for wear and tear.
  • We’ll check refrigerant levels.
  • We’ll check overall airflow and general operation of your system.

Sales and Installation

  • We will match your individual needs with an HVAC unit/system.
  • We’ll match the unit to the size of your house, your budget, and your comfort needs.
  • We are not sales driven so you won’t get a hard sell from us. We focus on customer service and relationships.
  • We don’t need much heat down here in Southern California, but it’s good to be able to drive the chill away on winter mornings. We install heating units too.

Indoor Air Quality

  • We can help you keep the interior of your home filled with clean air.
  • We’ll help get rid of the majority of allergens, dirt and pollen.
  • If your ducts are sealed you can lose a lot of cooled air and raise your bills considerably.

In future blogs, we’ll offer tips and ideas about saving money and homeowner maintenance tips.
Check back soon!
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