Satisfied Air is an HVAC installation and repair company based in Perris California. We are all about your inside air. We want you to have the best quality air and the most efficient system.


If your HVAC system is constantly pulling air through dirty ducts, there will be extra friction that the  HVAC will be pulling against, and that means more work for your HVAC, which in turn means higher bills. Cleaning your air filters regularly is a great way to minimize this effect but if the ducts themselves are filled with gunk (for lack of a better term) particles will come loose and fill up the filters themselves.

Gross Factor

Let’s not underestimate the gross factor of not having your ducts cleaned. For an average five room house (five room- not five bedrooms) the ducts accumulate 40 lbs of gunk a year. That’s 40 pounds of gross. lol


Particulates, dust, and mold are major health hazards for people with asthma, allergies or other respiratory illness.  HVAC systems don’t pump air into your house and clean it before you breathe it in. They recirculate the same air over and over, and if that air is circulating through the same dirty ducts, you are breathing in stale, dirty air.

Alleviate It

Call us to clean your air ducts. You’ll feel the difference when you breathe in clean air in your home. Something else you can do is to bring in some houseplants that are known to clean the air. Plants like the Snake plant or a bamboo palm help clean your indoor air.


Call us to have your air ducts cleaned and breathe in the difference!