Satisfied Air is Southern California’s Top Rated Local® HVAC repair company. We offer HVAC repair services as well as replacing any HVAC unit and upgrading your entire system. One of our other areas of service is indoor air quality and air duct cleaning.  HVAC systems recirculate that same area over and over again distributing germs, allergens and dust mites around the whole home or office. Having your air ducts cleaned should be a maintenance task that you have done on a yearly basis. After the ducts have been cleaned, consider helping boost your air’s purity with some plants that help keep it clean.


Spider Plant

  • This low-maintenance plant cleans toxins such as benzene and ammonia out of the air.


Snake Plant aka Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

  • This plant processes formaldehyde, a common product in cleaning products, and it thrives in low light so it’s easy to keep in an office.  


English Ivy

  • What could be easier to grow than ivy?
  • This plant is said to clean the air of formaldehyde, mold and even -yuck- feces.
  • It should, however be kept away from young children and plant chomping animals as it is toxic.
  • It is easy to grow and needs only occasional watering and mistings during the winter.


Golden Pothos

  • This familial broad leafed plant grows well indoors and is often seen in restaurants and offices.


While these plants can’t take all the pollutants out of the air, they can help freshen the air between air duct cleanings. Call Satisfied Air and schedule your air duct cleaning now.