1. Three Reasons to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

    Satisfied Air Inc. is Southern California’s Top rated Local® HVAC tech. We repair heating and cooling units and clean air ducts to provide you with the highest quality of indoor air for your health, the health of your wallet, and the good of all of us. Inside air quality The EPA has suggestions about improving the indoor air quality of your home. One of the main suggestions is to make improveme…Read More

  2. Air Duct Cleaning

    Satisfied Air Inc is a full-service HVAC repair and replacement company. Besides making sure the heat pump and furnace units are working at top efficiency, we want to ensure that you are breathing the cleanest air possible. It’s great if your air is cool on a hot day, but it’s best if it is also clean air. Southern California is a great place to live - the weather, the ocean, the proximity to …Read More

  3. Tips to Keep Your Energy Bill Down

    Satisfied Air is your local expert for air conditioning repair, service and sales, and installation. Call us for all your heating & cooling repair and maintenance needs. Heating and cooling a home can cost up to half of your home’s entire utility bill, so anything you can do to keep that part to a minimum can help save you money. The average temperature in this area in September is 90.9 degr…Read More

  4. Welcome to Our Blog!

    Welcome to the blog of Satisfied Air Inc. We are based in Perris, CA and offer a number of services to the surrounding communities. Besides our air conditioning maintenance and repair services, we offer sales and installation, and air purifying services. Despite offering sales and installation, we really focus on repair and maintenance because we know what a huge investment an HVAC system is for y…Read More