1. Clean Air Ducts For Good Health

    Satisfied Air is an HVAC repair and installation company based in Perris, California. We also clean air ducts and this is what we’ll cover in this blog. Anyone who has spent any time in Southern California knows that the air quality is a big deal. If you are just visiting you might notice that your nose gets stuffy, you get a sore throat and develop a cough. It could feel like you have a cold, b…Read More

  2. Reasons to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

    Satisfied Air is an HVAC installation and repair company based in Perris California. We are all about your inside air. We want you to have the best quality air and the most efficient system. Efficiency If your HVAC system is constantly pulling air through dirty ducts, there will be extra friction that the  HVAC will be pulling against, and that means more work for your HVAC, which in turn means h…Read More

  3. Fall Maintenance Tips

    Satisfied Air Inc is a Southern California Top Rated Local® HVAC repair and replacement company. We know that owning your own home can mean a long list of never-ending chores and it’s hard to remember what needs to be done. We’ve come up with a list of chores for the fall to help keep the upkeep  on your house on schedule.   Roofs And Gutters Check your roof for any missing or torn shin…Read More

  4. Indoor Air Quality and Your Health

    When it comes to our overall physical health and ways to improve our bodies, there are plenty of things that we do to improve our quality of life. The obvious changes start with eating better and getting more exercise, and maybe some meditation for our mental health. But few consider what other toxins may be affecting our health. One huge factor to take into consideration is the air quality in you…Read More

  5. Four Plants to Help Improve Indoor Air Quality

    Satisfied Air is Southern California’s Top Rated Local® HVAC repair company. We offer HVAC repair services as well as replacing any HVAC unit and upgrading your entire system. One of our other areas of service is indoor air quality and air duct cleaning.  HVAC systems recirculate that same area over and over again distributing germs, allergens and dust mites around the whole home or office. Ha…Read More

  6. Scary Facts About Your Indoor Air

    Halloween has us in the mood to spook you! And we at Satisfied Air know scary stuff when we see it and we see it when we clean people’s air ducts! We really care about the quality of your air. It’s not enough for us to make sure that your HVAC has been repaired and is working efficiently for your energy bills. It has to be adding to your quality of life and, what is more, basic than clean air.…Read More